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The EDGE ™ is a SPECNA ARMS replica series that combines a range of innovative solutions and technologies hard to find in other replicas currently on the market.

The series focuses on excellent exterior construction, solutions that increase the versatility, longevity of the replica and facilitate fault diagnostics.

The Rock River Arms logos and an individual serial number with an additional hologram are engraved on the body of the replica. The engraved marks are authorized by the firearms manufacturer - Rock River Arms. It is an American manufacturer of gun parts and accessories, but above all of high quality AR-15 carbines. The company, founded in 1996 by the Larson brothers, with Les Baer, ​​is headquartered in Colona, ​​Illinois. Today, the RRA supplies its rifles on contract to, among others, the drug agency DEA, FBI and US Marshals.

Each element of the replica has been carefully crafted and assembled with great attention to every detail.

Other noteworthy details are the QD pistol grip, which provides quick and easy access to the motor without the need for tools, and a mounting eyelet for the double-sided tactical shoulder strap.

The SA-E17 carbine replica features a front M-LOK mounting system, licensed and manufactured by Strike Industries.

A comfortable angular tactical grip is mounted under the rail, which makes it easy to use the replica.

Folding mechanical sights were placed on the upper RIS rail.

The replica has an X-ASR MOSFET system installed by the factory of the Polish brand: GATE. It is an unprecedented collaboration between the Polish manufacturer and a well-known manufacturer of airsoft replicas. The highest quality X-ASR MOSFET will take care of the safety of the replica components, improve the trigger response, the longevity of the internal electronics and battery, also allow you to diagnose basic troubleshooting and errors at the internal part of the replica thanks to the integrated signaling diodes.

The replica mounts an internal precision barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm, which will guarantee perfect accuracy and precision of the shots.

It also features a new type of rotating Hop-Up chamber, compatible with the precision barrel, which allows a more precise and stable adjustment.

Mechanically the replica has a quick spring change system, ESA™.

The system allows a quick and efficient adjustment of the replica's power to the needs of the playing field, without the need for tools: just unscrew the stock guide to reveal access to the spring, without having to remove or disassemble the Gearbox.

The heart of the replica is the ORION GearBox based on a reinforced frame and equipped with the main spring release function. The replica already series has a number of parts of the highest quality, thanks to which it maintains excellent functioning and is ready for further modifications.

The Gearbox ORION is designed to work with springs up to M140.

Inside the Gearbox we find: a reinforced polymer piston, an aluminum shot pusher, a double-sealed aluminum cylinder head, a double-sealed aluminum piston head with bearings, a spring guide with bearings, a series of steel gears e 8mm ball bearings.

In the replica box you will find two S-MAG mid-cap magazines with a capacity of 125 BB each. The S-MAG is a unique polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. 

The power of the rifle is close to Joule.


The replica comes with:

  • Replica (Controlled and Tested)
  • 2pc 125rd magazine
  • 1pc Battery Adapter
  • 1pc Vertical Grip

ManufacturerSPECNA ARMS
Power~ 1 Joule
GearboxVER. 2 Plus
Length of Internal Barrel (mm)229
Length Article (mm)670 - 740
Weight (g)2200
Thread14mm CCW
Manufacturer's WarrantyYES


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