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The PDW Trident MK2 by Krytac is the most compact replica it’s line witch make it a great option for CQB fields or even for a secondary weapon for snipers. At the front, we can find a high quality 5-inch slim free-float TR105 aluminium handguard licenced by Defiance. It is compatible with Keymod rail system, which combined with long top RIS rail allows the shooter to put on any type of accessories suitable to their preference or mission requirements. A billet style aluminium alloy receivers are designed to be compatible with almost all M4 style parts and accessories. Flared magwell and enlarged trigger guard at the first glance looks like small changes, but when you pick up this replica and give it couple rounds, it just becomes clear that those changes are great for improving reloading and engagement time. Beyond that those custom receivers just looks great. The PDW is outfitted with ambidextrous selector switch with allows comfortable use not only for left-handed users but for all shooters as ambidextrous nature is crucial in dynamic CQB environment. Trident MK2 PDW gearbox features reinforced 8mm ball bearing, polymer piston with firs 4 metal teeth, padded cylinder head, high torque motor and a quick spring change system. Also in the gearbox, we can find Krytac MOSFET witch protect trigger contact and the battery. That in combination with flat style trigger make the trigger time response almost instant and it shows great performance in a rapid single fire..

Internally, the Trident MK2 PDW features a reinforced 8mm ball bearing gearbox with integrated MOSFET to regulate electronic signals and to protect the trigger contacts. The corners of the gearbox that surround the cylinder feature a smooth radius, as opposed to a 90° angle, to prevent fracture. Also, the gearbox shell features a small window on the left side where lubrication can be applied directly to the gears or piston, this window is also convenient for inspecting the angle of engagement with the gearbox fully assembled. Additional gearbox features include a modular spring guide system that will allow the spring to be changed without completely disassembling the gearbox. The KRYTAC piston is made of a durable, lightweight, polymer and features 4 metal teeth, with the 2nd to last tooth absent. The Cylinder head is padded with an enlarged rubber bumper to optimize the angle of engagement and to absorb energy form the impact of the piston assembly. The material for the gears have been especially formulated to be very strong, Rockwell test figures on the KRYTAC gears are much higher than industry norms.

The Trident MK2 PDW provides a fresh look to a familiar AR design with features design to enhance performance and maximize user friendliness.


Replica is available in two versions:

Replica in “Standard Version” intended only for the foreign market which includes a powerful motor (20000/30000 rpm depending on the model), a particular Mosfet for controlling the electrical part and power higher than Joule.

_ Replica in "Italian version" intended for the national market with power close to Joule, a resized motor (depending on the model) and always a particular Mosfet for controlling the electrical part.


The replica comes with:

  • Replica (Controlled and Tested)
  • 150rd magazine
  • Auction clean barrel
  • Manual

Power~ 1 Joule
GearboxVER. 2
Length of Internal Barrel (mm)155
Length Article (mm)527 / 610
Weight (g)2650
Thread14 CCW
Manufacturer's WarrantyYES



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