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SPR Full Metal rifles are specialty for us made guns original manufactured by A&K Airsoft company. They are exact and very well made copies of the M4/M16/SR25 rifles in "full metal" technology(only fiber parts are grip and the stock). RIS is made on CNC machines-that means they are very high quality, and also high quality for the whole gun. Under the top portion of the RIS, the rifle have gas tube imitation.

The rifle have full stock (In case of RIS or CQB version it is special force stock) fitting large battery, so the gun can shoot a lot longer even in bad weather conditions (low temperatures, long games). The receiver of the gun is made from aluminum Alloy, and have trigger pin imitations which increases the reality of the gun. Every rifle Has it`s own serial number and PJ logo. The gun have opened rear sights which allow to Mount picatinny system rails and any kinds optics, and other tactical elements.

This kind of bullet speed has been reached by many internal upgraded parts like:
* New Gearbox V.2 with quick change spring system
* Joule spring
* Chrome bore-up cylinder
* Reinforced metal cylinder head(bore up type matched for the silent system)
* Reinforced silent type piston head with Ball Bering(berings helps with smoothly rotating the spring Turing the work)
* Hi-torque motor
* All steel Sears are placed In steel bushings 6mm
* Spring guide is standard-metal reinforced with Ball Bering so the spring will rotate smoothly
* Low resistance gearbox wiring
* New Enhanced Hop-Up chamber compatible with GUARDER rubber and with other TM-standard Hop-Up rubbers.


The replica comes with:

  • Replica (Controlled and Tested)
  • 300rd Hi-Cap magazine
  • Grip
  • Battery
  • Charger

Power~ 1 Joule
GearboxVER. 2
Length of Internal Barrel (mm)460
Length Article (mm)720 / 800
Weight (g)3500
Manufacturer's WarrantyYES


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M4 SPR Mod 1 A&K

M4 SPR Mod 1 A&K


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