Superb F2™ system of the American home Polarstar, to turn your electric replication in a great airgun HPA.

Gearbox compatible for version 2.

The F2™ system was designed to answer the demand for an affordable, high performance HPA (High Pressure Air) conversion for AEG's. The system is a drop-in cylinder replacement that is universally compatible with a wide range of gearbox versions that have center-line nozzles.

Similar to its sister product, the F1, it replaces the original gearbox components with a programmable pneumatic system allowing for higher performance and greater reliability over a gear driven system. Although economically priced, F2™ still retains the same performance and quality you have come to expect from PolarStar products.

F2™ has only 1 moving part, the nozzle, which acts as its own poppet valve which is piloted by the solenoid. With the exception of the poppet being integral to the nozzle, the valve is similar to the poppet valve used in the previously released Fusion Engine™ and is what gives F2™ its signature muzzle report. The system itself only has 6 parts and can be completely disassembled by hand in a matter of seconds so the system is very reliable and easy to maintain.

Just like all other PolarStar HPA conversions, F2™ also allows for easy velocity adjustment. Using a standard M4 as an example, velocity can be adjusted from below 280fps and up to approximately 500fps with a .20g BB. This can be done simply by adjusting input pressure and poppet dwell to fine tune your rifles velocity in increments of just a few FPS at a time. Maximum velocity potential of the system will vary depending upon the barrels length and tightness of the bore. Longer and tighter barrels will yield a higher velocity while shorter or wider barrels will be yield a lower velocity.

As with all of PolarStar's electro-pneumatic conversion kits, you can quickly change and adjust key functions of F2™ via the on-board FCU (Fire Control Unit) which is no bigger than an AEG's MOSFET and can easily fit inside of a rifles battery compartment along with a small Li-po battery.

Although efficiency was not a critical requirement during development, F2™ does boast some highly respectable figures in this category. This is made possible by its compact and intelligently laid out design which minimizes dead volume resulting in better air flow, faster response and less air used per shot. As a result F2™ is considerably more air efficient than a bone stock Fusion Engine™ when operating in the same velocity range.

Key Features Designed:

* Manufactured and built in the U.S.A.
* Assembled from CNC machined aluminum components with high performance delrin nozzle.
* Universal cylinder design is compatible with numerous gearbox versions.
* Optimized flow profile, firing point and flow path promotes superior shot consistency and accuracy.
* Capable of functioning in damp and sub-freezing climates without affecting performance or reliability.
* User selectable Semi/Full Auto, Semi Auto Only and Variable Burst modes.
* Independently adjustable velocity and cyclic rate.
Auto Switch mode allows for proper selector configuration for specific models.
* Easy to use Fire Control Unit (FCU).
* Instantaneous trigger response.
* Faster than an AEG with a Li-po!

Required for operation: Complete TM Spec AEG rifle with gearbox, Regulated Air Rig, HPA Tank, Battery Li.Po. 7,4v.

The internal parts are specially designed for this model.


Package included:

  • Polarstar F2 System
  • Trigger board
  • Fire Control Unit (FCU)
  • Cable and Manual

OperationHPA (High Pressure Air)
Power~ 1 Joule
GearboxVER. 2 (M4)
Manufacturer's WarrantyYES


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